See what our clients are saying about their experience at EDGE.

Daniel is without question the best all round trainer in the Charlotte market today. His workouts offer an ever changing mix of several functional training disciplines. MMA, Core, Cross Fit, Speed Drills, Dynamic Stretching Boxing, Kettle Bells, etc. Daniel has a passion for his profession and it shows in the thoughtful approach to his daily workout plans. He invests the time required to developing programs suited for his clients, unlike many trainers who do the same basic workout day after day. If you are looking to push yourself beyond your daily workout comfort level try Edge Performance Training.
— Matt M.
I’ve been with Daniel for a very long time. He’s an outstanding trainer – always changing it up and keeping it interesting. I bring in a lot of people to try out the gym and everyone says that there is nothing that compares to the work out you get with Daniel. It doesn’t matter what you do, marathon, triathelete, soccer, whatever, you are guaranteed to get pushed further than you ever have My family is also a client of Daniel’s – from my 9 year old daughter who can jab jab cross to take out any mean boy, to my 15 year old sons who enjoy mixing it up with Daniel in the ring. He has something for everyone.
— Doug H.
I’ve been working out with Daniel for a little over two years. I have been a very active person my whole life but in the last two years I have completely changed my body composition. Because of Daniel’s training, I have exponentially increased my strength and endurance. He works hard to make me work hard! If you’re interested in being fit, truly being fit, then look no further! Daniel offers an authentic program that is designed to push you beyond what you may think is possible. I can’t imagine training without him!
— Tracie C.
I have worked out with Daniel Ancheta for just over a month now. Attending Daniel’s sessions three days per week for the first month I have already dropped at least one waist size, improved my cardio conditioning significantly and have managed to get stronger in the process. Daniel thinks through each session in advance and changes every session so each workout is a new challenge. In addition to Daniel’s innovative and challenging workouts I enjoy the sense of team he has fostered in his group sessions. Everyone is very supportive of each other during the group sessions which can be a great boost when trying to bear crawl the last 15 feet!
— Jason D.
Daniel has been an incredible gift to our family, helping all of us — ranging from elementary school to middle-aged — achieve a much higher level of fitness and health! Our family’s workouts run the gamut from individual MMA-style training to group conditioning and strength training, and in all areas, Daniel is encouraging, supportive, innovative, and enthusiastic. We highly recommend Daniel to any family or individual looking to become healthier and stronger!
— Corey H.
I have been working out with a trainer for about a year now, but the results I have gotten from Danny are noticeable and exactly what I want! I never thought that I would actually enjoy and look forward to an hour of pushing myself beyond the limit. He is positive and motivating, yet does not let you quit (even when you think you can go no further:). He takes the time to get to know each of us and our fitness levels/habits personally, always correcting form and helping us stretch to prevent injury…something that is often overlooked. Also, he is BEYOND flexible with my travel schedule and always does his best to help me find a way to fit in my weekly 4-5 classes. Even sends us with workouts and resistance bands for nights on the road. Everyone should have a Danny to help them meet their fitness goals….I could not be happier.
— Amanda S.